Tips to make the best first impression

A casting call could transform your realty and help you achieve greatness in the modelling world. It is amazing what one call can do. And, if you fail to prepare for the call, you could also end up disappointed and dejected. A model should therefore understand the importance of such opportunities and how such opportunities can come and go just like that. To be able to put your best foot forward, you should therefore know what to do when you intend to make a lasting impression. UK Models which is an active force in the modelling world has come up with these tips to help educate models deliver their best.

Pull your hair back

What casting directors look for is a unique set of features. You don’t have to have a conventional looking pretty face; you don’t need to be a stunner to be able to make a striking impression. If you have clean features that can be enhanced, you stand a good chance as a model. But, this is possible only when you look tidy during a casting call.

You could be wearing the best of clothes and could display the best modelling abilities, but if you look sloppy with unkempt hair, you could be making a bad impression. The best thing to do during a call would be to tie your hair back so that the casting directors get a chance to get a good look at your features.

Stick to neutrals

It is equally important how you choose to dress at a casting call. If you wear loud clothing or loose clothing, you could be discounting your chances of clinching the deal. A clean outfit in neutral colours like black, brown, grey or blue will help you turn the focus to your physique and not distract the director. Also, make sure that the clothes fit well and are tailored to make a good impression.

Be on time

You may be the most talented model but, if you are inconsiderate in respect to maintaining time and sticking to your word, it could mean disaster for you. If you are not punctual, it sends out the wrong message that you don’t care for the job as much as you are supposed to. So, do whatever you need to do but make sure you are on time for the casting call.

These are some tips that will help you convey your best intentions as an upcoming model.


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The Impressive Fashion – Jumpsuit

From jeans and shots to crop tops and bikins, fashion has taken a turn from time to time. The main motive of fashion clothing, however, has always been to enhance beauty while ensuring comfort. The evergreen fashioned jumpsuits are always a relief to jump into and spend a day out with comfort and warmth. Whether in or out, jumpsuits are comfortable and cozy to snuggle into and have always been in vogue.

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How to Find the Perfect mens jackets?

Shopping for the perfect mens jackets can be can be stressful endeavor especially when you don’t know what to look for in the first place. Majority of men nowadays are metrosexuals – the vain type who puts too much effort in vamping up their appearance. Having said so, they are particularly picky with clothing styles, putting prime preference on on-the-season trends. The irony of it all is that men typically despise the hassles of rigorous shopping, so they tend to buy impulsively.

There are a lot of mens jackets to choose from for any occasion and season. There are generally four types of variety available; namely, the suits, overcoats, blazers, and the soldier-inspired types. The perfect mens jackets that encompasses all these types is the good old leather jacket. They never go out of fashion.

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